MBBS.D Ortho,Fellowship Spine Surgery,Orthopedist & Spine Surgeron

“Whether it is an orthopaedic problem or spinal trauma, a simple musculoskeletal disorder or a complex one with neurological involvement, all issues are assessed by our expert consultants who are renowned orthopaedic specialists with 8-10 years of experience.

Dr. Sachin Pathak, MBBS.D Ortho,Fellowship Spine Surgery,Orthopedist & Spine Surgeron, is available for consultations on Friday and Saturday evenings with prior appointment only. Dr. Pathak may also occasionally be available for emergency consultations at the clinic.

Despite being surgeons, our consultants always aim to cure patients’ ailments without any surgical interventions. However, in case conservative treatment is not a viable option, our specialists also provide further consultation regarding operative treatment.